Episode 177- Karina Luna

New episode with guest Karina Luna! She joins Jose this week to talk about the subculture that is part of the overall Latin culture in LA. From bit parts to typecasting and trying to go beyond the Hollywood limitations. Spiritual talk, talk about humanity, the Black Lives Matter movement being connected to Brown Life and a little bit about the supernatural elements in our background. Karina is also involved in getting the word out to pass a bill in memory of Vanessa Guillen, which they get into briefly.

Click here to sign the Petition to get justice for Vanessa Guillen

And visit www.FindVanessaGuillen.com for heir official GoFundMe as well as the latest news regarding the #iAmVanessaGuillenBill being introduced to Congress July 30th

Follow Karina @iamkarinaluna

Follow Jose I guess @iamjosechavez

email for stuff josechavezcomedian@gmail.com


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