Episode 232- Ja Rule of Three

Awkwardly Social is a weekly podcast with hosts Jose Chavez and Aerial Washington, where they talk to guests about awkward situations, social anxiety and facets of the guests lives.

On this episode, guest Aaron Michael Marsh joins us to talk Ominous fortune cookies, parking lot creeper, being professional with friends, sleeping on the bus, Jose doesn’t care for fireworks, Disneyland facts, Fyre Fest, Ja Rule of Threes, Being on a cruise ahead of Hurricane Katrina, films humanizing a villain and all the awkward you could ask for!


Follow Aerial and Jose: @aerial_washington and @iamjosechavez follow guest Aaron @aaronmmarsh

For topics recommendations/feedback email: awkwardlysocialpodcast@gmail.com or call 818-697-0050 and leave a voicemail!

Episode 232- Ja Rule of Three

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