Episode 254- Fanny For Your Fanny

On this episode, Aerial thinks Jose is “that customer”, Jose went to comic con and geeked out and now he wants a fanny pack. Aerial and Jose talk about nightmare employers, encourage listeners to take time off and open up with coworkers about their wages to level the pay scale, Jose tells a story about fans and the return of conventions and oh boy do these two want to eat giant ribs! 

Follow Aerial and Jose: @aerial_washington and @iamjosechavez

Awkwardly Social is a weekly show with hosts Jose Chavez and Aerial Washington, where they talk to guests about awkward situations, social anxiety and facets of the guests lives. 


For topics recommendations/feedback email:  awkwardlysocialpodcast@gmail.com or call 818-697-0050 and leave a voicemail

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