Episode 268- Pay For Play with Anna Valenzuela

On this episode Jose chats with Anna Valenzuela, comedian, black belt assassin and all around delightful person. Anna shares about working with those on the spectrum, dating, importance of hygiene and the less savory parts of the “comedy grind”. The two talk about being open in a relationship (toot toot) and really just letting it all out (tooot).  Be sure to check out Anna’s podcast, 12 Questions. Anna and a guest discuss sobriety and the 12 step recovery culture benefiting everyone, not just sober people. 

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Awkwardly Social is a weekly show with hosts Jose Chavez and Aerial Washington, where they talk to guests about awkward situations, social anxiety and facets of the guests lives. 


For topics recommendations/feedback email:  awkwardlysocialpodcast@gmail.com or call 818-697-0050 and leave a voicemail

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