Episode 269- Such a Stupid Some of the Time with Heather Turman

On this episode, Aerial and Jose are joined by comedian and author Heather Turman! The discuss the struggles of trying to prepping to socialize, assistants for poor people, the hypocrisy of Kim Kardashian, trying to gain experience when you can’t be inexperienced, bringing back Blockbuster, Spam texts, the ways the universe provides when you’re in need and more! Be sure to pick up a copy of a book co-written by Heather and LeeAnn Tooker, Madonna Fans Do It Better: a FANthology About the Queen of Pop available on Amazon!

Follow Heather! @heatherturman

Follow Aerial and Jose: @aerial_washington and @iamjosechavez

Awkwardly Social is a weekly show with hosts Jose Chavez and Aerial Washington, where they talk to guests about awkward situations, social anxiety and facets of the guests lives. 


For topics recommendations/feedback email:  awkwardlysocialpodcast@gmail.com or call 818-697-0050 and leave a voicemail

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