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Episode 164- A Shot of Water

May 29, 2020
Awkwardly Social Comedy

Jose all alone on this one. Talking about a lot. Too much to list. But enjoy! It gets serious. Also, use your voice for good, people. If you can’t be an allie, donate or take micro steps towards not being a racist a**hole


Episode 156- So-So Distancing with Eddie G

April 16, 2020
Awkwardly Social Comedy

Jose chats via Zoom with guest Eddie G, host of “OMG, It’s Eddie G/Show De Tiburcio”. They chat about keeping away from others but still hitting the public, differing points of view on the Quarantine and pursuing creative routes while confined at home.

Follow Eddie from a safe distance: @omgitseddieg
Stalk Jose: @iamjosechavez

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