About Jose Chavez


Jose Chavez was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley by his single Mother, along with his sisters, in a single parent household.  His families strong bond and thick skin conditioned him to handle all situations with a calm demeanor and taught him early on how to be comfortable with laughing at himself in all situations.

Since 2010, the native Los Angeles comedian has focused his self deprecating humor on talking honestly about social anxiety while embracing the awkward and encouraging others to do the same. He’s worked with comedians including Martin Moreno and was featured in segments for Comedians On alongside comics Carlos Santos, Orlando Jones and Gabriel Iglesias. Jose has also featured for comedians at comedy clubs in California, including venues up and down the west coast.

For bookings, email JoseChavezComedian@gmail.com

Podcast: Click here for Awkwardly Social Podcast on iTunes

Instagram Twitter and Snapchat: @IAmJoseChavez




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