About Jose Chavez


Jose Chavez, born Jose Chavez, is a local kid from the San Fernando Valley.  Born into a family of people, he has always felt like he’s one of them. Jose is self described as half Mexican, half Salvadorian, 100% adorable. 

Since 2010, Jose has stood in up in front of people, declaring himself a comedian. He built a platform embracing and poking fun at awkward moments and takes plenty of jabs at himself and the audience. In 2012, he added Podcaster to his resume’, connecting with comedians, actors and artists to discuss and normalize conversations about mental health, social anxiety and being on the spectrum. He has featured for several comedians including (Insert list here to show how popular you are) and is working to build his brand of comedy into an eventual series. In 2024 Jose finally achieved his goal of being able to see into the future. 

For bookings, email JoseChavezComedian@gmail.com

Podcast: Click here for Awkwardly Social Podcast on iTunes

Instagram and Twitter: @IAmJoseChavez


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